Apple MacBook Keyboard Repair / Replacement

apple macbook keyboard repair has in its 20 year of experience earned the expertise required to solve most of your Board and component level repairing. Apart from all the faults which one might face in their usually excellent experience with their Apple machines, keyboard issues also come up. The causes of the fault could range from a single key not working or damage due to negligence like spilling of your coffee while working to component failure from inside the machine or physical damage.

We have been able to repair all such complex issues. Our first step is to assess what is the cause and if it can be repaired to save money of our valued customers. Our engineers with their vast experience are easily able to identify the root cause of the fault . If the fault is unfixable then only we direct our engineers to go ahead and replace the entire keypad.

We have countless satisfied customers who have got this kind of faults repaired and have not faced the problem again for the remaining life of their apple computer.

We have stock of all makes and models of keypads and components of Apple and we are able to handover the repaired system same day as its brought to us to ensure no loss of time for the users due to the fault.

Please drop in Monday through Saturday at our Nehru Place Repair Centre for free evaluation and estimate which you will find most competitive and in no time walk with your computer all fixed to relive the apple experience.

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